Reflective sunglasses have long had their reputation for being "trendy". One thing most people don't know is that mirrored lenses are extremely resistant to UV rays, and one of the most protective options the eyewear market has to offer. 

Using an advanced technological process our collection of sunglasses with mirror lenses coatings reduce light transmission and glare for greater visual comfort, as well as heighten contrast and increase optical clarity. These are some functional perks, but how do you style them? Read on to figure out your own style formula to the fashion staple. It’s not too difficult.

How to wear mirrored sunglasses 

Bold is what comes to mind when you think about reflective sunglasses, and rightly so. This leaves us with two ways to style them by either matching their boldness or pairing them with some classic attire and letting them take center stage.
Go bold by incorporating the opposite colour on the colour wheel (orange for blue sunnies or purple for yellow sunnies) on your outfit – the clashing colours will amount to a nice, eye-catching contrast.


Class it down with a simple monochrome look to let the reflective pair shine.

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